Kids Are The Future Of Recumbent Cycling

written by JerseyJim on April 11, 2016 in Articles and Editorials with no comments

I couldn’t stop smiling when I came across this video. I’ve written about the lack of recumbents for kids and how the recumbent market suffers when kids are ignored. After all, when kids grow up and can buy their own bikes, they’ll be drawn to what they know. Pay attention recumbent bike builders, little Vincent and his friends are your future customers…but only if you give them something to ride today.

Apparently, little Vincent’s dad rides and builds recumbent bikes. That’s the only way his son could get such a sweet ride since he couldn’t just go down to the big box store and buy one. I guess his son wanted to be just like his father. At 4 and a half years old I’d say he’s off to a great start.  He just takes off on that thing like he was born riding it! It’s never too early to get that recumbent grin.

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