5 Boro Bike Tour Tandem Trike: We Be Rollin’

written by JerseyJim on April 26, 2015 in Projects with no comments


I can’t believe I didn’t take a better picture than this but there will be more on the way. The strings you see are for alignment of the steering system. Because I changed the design of the steering tube assembly I needed to find the mounting points for the rod that ties the wheels together. I have been extremely busy. We now have a rolling chassis or a “roller” as they say in the trades. It has taken a lot of work to get to this point and there seems to be a thousand little things to do before it’s all done. Now that the wheels are on and the steering works, completion of the trike is within reach. There is less than one week left before the big event.

I have not been able to post for a while and it’s likely I’m not going to be able to post until this last big push is over. I’m pulling out all the stops to get the trike road ready. No matter what happens, I’ll post an update and let everyone know. I can blog or I can build but I can’t do both simultaneously. Hopefully the result will be worth the wait.

Once we’re past the deadline I’ll go back and revisit some of the build details. Because of some inconsistencies in the plans I’ve had to make some judgment calls and corrections. If you plan on building this trike, some of the things I found may help you. I suppose I could have looked in the Atomic Zombie forums for answers but luckily there hasn’t been anything I couldn’t deal with.

Enjoy the photo and stay tuned.