5 Boro Bike Tour Tandem Trike: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls…Or Water Meters

written by JerseyJim on February 24, 2015 in Projects with no comments

frozen_waterfallNo one said this was going to be easy. The cold this Winter has been particularly brutal. We’ve been having single digit temperatures at night, teens and twenties during the day and a never ending barrage of snowstorms. I’ve been managing to make some progress on the trike but something stopped me in my tracks over the weekend.

The water in my house stopped running a few nights ago. The news reports have been full of warnings about frozen pipes and such. I’ve kept the temperature in the house above 60F the entire winter so that’s not the problem. In fact, three days later they’re still looking for the problem…and my water meter.

You see, when the water stopped flowing I called the water company. They sent a technician out who determined that my water meter was fine and therefore it had to be the underground pipe to my home that was frozen. This didn’t sound quite right. I live in a townhouse and I checked with my neighbors. Of all the units mine was the only one without water. The water is distributed from the same area for all of the units. Why would my underground pipe be frozen and no others?

I called the water company back to put this to them and ask for another assessment. No joy there. They said that if the tech said the meter was OK I had to call a plumber to get the pipe working.

So I called a plumber. I took a day off from work to wait for the plumber. I waited all day. Things are kind of busy with the weather being so cold. The sun was down before I laid eyes on him. He checked the pipes in my house and then went outside to check the meter. There were multiple meters and he asked me which was mine. I had no idea. They were 2 meters in a pit under a manhole cover. It’s not like I’ve ever looked down there. Weird that there were only 2 though. There are 3 houses in the set I live in. The plumber called the water company to ask which meter was mine. They couldn’t tell him. They said the engineering department would know. They would be in at 7 AM the next day.

The plumber said he would be back first thing the next day. He’d find out from the water company what meter mine¬†was and troubleshoot from there. I said I’d be at work but I’d ask my sister if she could come by. She could. He left. I still had no water in my house.

According to my sister my plumber and his assistant arrived bright and early. I was already at work and my sister was sending me updates. They worked for about 3 hours before my next update.

As of now the meters they have been looking at, and apparently, the meter that the water company tech looked at two nights ago, is not the meter for my house. The plumber has been talking to the water company over the phone and they couldn’t tell him where my meter is. All they could say is that they know it is outside. They are going to send out a tech to help my plumber find it.

So I guess once they find my meter they can find out if it is working. I’m guessing it’s not. I’ll lay odds that my meter and only my meter is broken and none of the underground pipes are frozen. I’ll bet that if one underground pipe was frozen that multiple underground pipes would be frozen.

Once I’m through this ordeal I’ll make up for lost time on the trike. Let’s hope this weather breaks soon.