Open Call For Your Recumbent Cycling Stories

written by Editor on February 17, 2014 in Editorials with no comments



The featured photo is of Daniel N. Lang, a 22 year old adventurer and long distance
touring cyclist that set out on his recumbent bicycle, cycling from Paris to

I want to hear that story, and I imagine that you would too. How about this one;

35 year-old Maria Leijerstam became the first person in the world to cycle from the
edge of the Antarctic continent to the South Pole on a recumbent trike…<more>

Imagine that – Cycling to the south pole! I wonder why she did it on a recumbent?

ComfyBike is attempting to be different than other recumbent cycling sites. You’ll
notice that there’s not a lot of focus on the history of the recumbent bike or reviews
of the latest bikes. Recumbent bicyle history has been covered by almost every
recumbent bike website ever published. We’ve all heard how the recumbent evolved with
upright bicycle designs and was subsequently banned from competition, etc. blah, blah.
There’s no need to repeat the entire history here. Besides, there are much more
interesting things about recumbent bikes.

Likewise, there are many sites where one can find the latest in recumbent bikes, and
that doesn’t even include the manufacturer’s sites.

At its core, what ComfyBike is about is YOU. It’s about you and how recumbent cycling
enhances your life. It’s about what you may not have done or experienced if it weren’t
for recumbent bikes and trikes. It’s about your personal journeys and inspiring others
to create new experiences and adventures.

To that end I’m asking for you to contact ComfyBike and share your stories. It may not
be as grand as cycling from Paris to Beijing, or a spin to the south pole – it doesn’t
have to be – it just has to to be meaningful to you.

While I’m asking, I’d also would like to hear from anyone who would like to report on
the recumbent cycling events going on around the world. If you’ve attended a rally,
ride, race or convention I’d like to hear from you. ComfyBike has a calendar area
waiting to be filled with event announcements. If you know of an upcoming event, list it here on ComfyBike.

Words are only one way to contribute. If you want to submit photos or video, all the
better. It doesn’t matter if you’re not skilled at video editing, or even if you’re not
sure about how to write your story – I can help you put that together – telling the
story is what’s important.

Ultimately, the reward for contributing your experiences to ComfyBike is that your
story could inspire others to give recumbent cycling a try and possibly change their
lives in the process. However, it’s nice to get a little something as a “thank you” for contributing. ComfyBike T-shirts and other items are in the works to be given as gifts to our contributors.

In the meantime, please submit your stories and ideas to and thank you for sharing your experiences with ComfyBike readers.